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E. V. Frapiere journeys through memories, life lessons from mother in debut collection

E. V. Frapiere   Book Trailer:

E. V. Frapiere

Book Trailer:

Author announces release of ‘Through My Mother’s Voice, I Found My Own’



–After her mother passed away in 2013, author E. V. Frapiere went in search of answers. She began to write as poetry became her refuge. Eventually, her questions were answered by God and the end result is her debut collection of what she calls “poemoir” – part poetry and part memoir - “Through My Mother’s Voice, I Found My Own: Inspiring Poems, Prose, and Reflections from the Middle” (published by WestBow Press).

The overall theme of the collection is a declaration of family love, honor, courage, forgiveness and FAITH---as I travel down the journey of wonderful memories and life lessons learned at my mother's feet,” Frapiere says.

In a narrative-nonfiction journey, “Through My Mother’s Voice, I Found My Own” takes readers through life experiences reflected through family vacations, careers, love and international travels. It is an emotional voyage that invites laughter, tears, and appreciation and love for family.

“I want readers to know that my writing is an act of love, hope, and FAITH; my writing style is authentically laced by observation rather than imagination. As such, I chose nonfiction in a poetic dialogue and tone because my mother adored poetry.”


“Through My Mother’s Voice, I Found My Own”

By E. V. Frapiere

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 126 pages | ISBN 9781512712162

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 126 pages | ISBN 9781512712155

E-Book | 126 pages | ISBN 9781512712148

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

E. V. Frapiere is a cultural connoisseur; she’s an author, artist and poet whose world travels have sparked a passion for the arts and diversity of other countries. Frapiere attended Illinois State University earning a bachelor’s degree in mass communication/media studies. However, it was during graduate school that she honed her writing skills, writing non-stop and loving every minute. Frapiere uses her God-given gifts of writing and spoken word poetry to inspire others to aim for the stars and embrace Jesus. This is her first book. More information can be found at: