Hooray! Black Women's Expo (2018) was a success...

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It was such a joy to meet so many people interested not only in my book, but poetry, too. Many, many thanks to BWE sponsors, book lovers, my Sands, and everyone who came out to 2018 Black Women's Expo. It was fantastic!!! -:)




A poemoir for Black History Month...

Freedman's Soliloquy...

Soon I’ll be heading back to the farm where no one was FREE. Where the crops were ripe in the field, but the slave was unapparent property.

The overseer is mindful to make sure his subjects stay in their place while violence and brutality spread throughout the open wide space.

Evil eyes gaze me down, but I’ll not shed one teardrop. The hatred was like crabs in a barrel trying to crawl their way to the top.

And like an Eagle in the face of a storm, the taste of freedom makes it difficult to conform.

Fleeing thoughts consume the mind as I look for inspiration and solace. The spirit is weak, but faith unshaken as I hold tight to the Lords promise.

Sneering and wicked faces expose---an unpleasant contemplation. But a ‘Freed Man’ will always remember---the day he escapes the plantation.

Lorenzo (Wren) for short---but known  by loved ones as "Big Poppa"

Lorenzo (Wren) for short---but known  by loved ones as "Big Poppa"

The Spirit is weak, but faith unshaken.
— Big Poppa

I dedicate this poem to my “Big Poppa” who in 1896 (a slave) was born into a tribe of the Iroquoian family. Lorenzo (Wren) for short, married my grandmother, Big Mama, and he built her a beautiful home on the top of a hill where they raised 11 children (one of which was my mother). There are too many grandchildren to count, however, I’m honored that I was alive to see his legacy, which was surrounded by land, livestock, and much love in God’s country. Big Poppa would own more land than any of his neighbors. In fact, he would say that “land is the only thing a Freeman can hold his hat on when times were tough.” 

My Big Poppa was a Freemason, a deacon, carpenter, farmer, businessman, civil rights activist; he had a highway named in his honor, and he lived to see the ripe young age of 98. However, what I remember most about my “Big Poppa” was his confident and robust personality. He was a proud man and well respected in the community and his favorite saying was, “The spirit is weak, but the faith is unshaken.”    




R.I.P. “Big Poppa”   XOXO, EVF




Coming Soon!!! A New Book of Poem-oirs'...


In her second collection of poems,' author, E. V. Frapiere, shares her "Truth-to-power..."


Author, Artist, Poet, E.V. Frapiere aims to take the reader on an emotive journey through society’s past, and present trials in her new book Havoc: From the Ashes of Chaos and Turmoil is Hope. Part memoir, part poetry, the author extends a first-person historical narrative account of one of our great nation’s most insidious ideology – segregation. Ms. Frapiere offers profound insights into the plight of those who fought for educational equality and human dignity, and her testament is a timely and compelling narrative that shines a spotlight on the lasting implications for students, their families, and the nation as a whole. The author pays homage to her parents, siblings, and those who paved the path for her to continue to fight discrimination and advocate for school choice.

In stark detail, Havoc aims to do more than provide a litany of historical facts. It instead focuses on the stories behind the egregious unconstitutional doctrine and speaks to the long-lasting implications of segregation. Frapiere continues to fight for school choice---decades after the initial Supreme Court ruling for Brown V. Board of Education. More importantly, she hopes to highlight how the landmark case has come full-circle in modern day society.

Follow the eminent Ms. Frapiere on her journey during her formative years in her quest to make sure that "ALL" children today are primed for success.




Happy New Year!

To everyone that supported my passion for writing my first published book---many, many, thanks! I am eternally grateful for all the kind words, family love, and the camaraderie of my friends and co-workers. In fact, as I reflect back on my publishing journey, I remember the day I received my "Author" copy of the book, and I was ecstatic to say the least. I thanked God, smiled, and then yelled loudly..."Hallelujah!!!" After all, I had spent two years writing my debut collection of poems and this was during a very sad and grieving time in my life. Nevertheless, I felf a sense of pride, joy, and sorrow. Pride and joy because many can say they are authors---but only a few can say they are "Published Authors;" the sorrow was natural because of the loss of my mother. Notwithstanding, I wished she were alive to share in the celebration of seeing her middle daughter accomplish a feat that many can only imagine, but I now know that she is with me eternally.

To that end, fast forward a year later and I'm in the midst of writing my sophomore collection of poemoirs entitled "HAVOC." I anticipate the release of HAVOC to be sometime in the summer of 2017. In fact, respectfully, as in my first collection, this collection will be part poetry, part essay, and part memoir. I think you'll find the memoir portion quite fascinating because I'll delve into the education of my childhood, in which I was an active participant during tumultuous times in the country when the government embarked upon a known experiment called "desegregation."  Stay tuned! -:)

Last, I am not dismissive of the fact that only by the grace of God have I been able to accomplish writing, publishing, and marketing my passion. Thanks be to God for providing me the daily devotion and courage to never give up on my dream. Moreover, I thank The Lord for blessing me with the ability to express (pen to paper) the spoken word. And last, but never least, I thank both my parents for teaching me in my formative years that all things are possible through faith!


xoxo, E. V. Frapiere



Spoken Word Event...

I'm so excited to participate in LaTrance's "Spoken Word" event on Sunday, 18 December. Come join the fun and prepare to laugh, cry, and enjoy 'A Poemoir' for the night... -:)



Poetry Month...

Many thanks to Suzy over at the Book Cellar in Lincoln Square! I met so many wonderful 'fellow' authors and truly enjoyed the event... -:)



Book Signing...

As I plug away promoting "Through My Mother's Voice, I Found My Own," one thing is for certain; "My message of life, love, hope, and faith is resonating." -:)



Kickstarter campaign...

Through My Mother's Voice, I Found My Own was published in December 2015, and I am so excited to begin promoting the book. As such, today, I launched my "Kickstarter campaign" to garner funding to participate and promote my debut book to the largest book lovers event in the United States —

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books — April 9-10, 2016 (Los Angeles, Calif.) – Attracting more than 150,000 book lovers and media each year, the LA Times Festival of Books will be held on the University of Southern California’s University Park Campus. 

However, as an Indie Author, I need your support! Please help me to share my story to the masses by having a chance to showcase my book at a major industry event. You can either contribute to my campaign, or if you cannot contribute to my campaign, I would graciously appreciate if you can share the link below to family, friends, or co-workers on your Twitter; Facebook;  Instagram; Linkedin; E-mail; Pinterest; or Tumlr accounts.

Check out my campaign page for further details and thank you in advance for all your support!


E. V. Frapiere~Author of "Through My Mother's Voice, I Found My Own"



Laissez le bon temps rouler...

To commemorate "Fat Tuesday" and my adoration for N'awlins...I wrote a poem to describe and showcase my affinity for the crescent city.

Enjoy---and Laissez le bon temps rouler!



Q&A Interview with Deborah Kalb...

 In Loving Memory of My Mother (1934-2013)                                                                                                                              by E. V. Frapiere

 In Loving Memory of My Mother (1934-2013)


                                                                           by E. V. Frapiere

I am so excited to have had the opportunity to interview with freelance writer, editor, and Washington, DC journalist---Deborah Kalb. Deborah's popular and well-known 'BLOG' (Q&A with Deborah Kalb) was not only an honor----but I feel extremely blessed to have been able to speak from the heart and share my admiration for family, love, and the power of FAITH! 

Check out the book interview!




E. V. Frapiere journeys through memories, life lessons from mother in debut collection

E. V. Frapiere   Book Trailer:

E. V. Frapiere

Book Trailer:

Author announces release of ‘Through My Mother’s Voice, I Found My Own’



–After her mother passed away in 2013, author E. V. Frapiere went in search of answers. She began to write as poetry became her refuge. Eventually, her questions were answered by God and the end result is her debut collection of what she calls “poemoir” – part poetry and part memoir - “Through My Mother’s Voice, I Found My Own: Inspiring Poems, Prose, and Reflections from the Middle” (published by WestBow Press).

The overall theme of the collection is a declaration of family love, honor, courage, forgiveness and FAITH---as I travel down the journey of wonderful memories and life lessons learned at my mother's feet,” Frapiere says.

In a narrative-nonfiction journey, “Through My Mother’s Voice, I Found My Own” takes readers through life experiences reflected through family vacations, careers, love and international travels. It is an emotional voyage that invites laughter, tears, and appreciation and love for family.

“I want readers to know that my writing is an act of love, hope, and FAITH; my writing style is authentically laced by observation rather than imagination. As such, I chose nonfiction in a poetic dialogue and tone because my mother adored poetry.”


“Through My Mother’s Voice, I Found My Own”

By E. V. Frapiere

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 126 pages | ISBN 9781512712162

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 126 pages | ISBN 9781512712155

E-Book | 126 pages | ISBN 9781512712148

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the Author

E. V. Frapiere is a cultural connoisseur; she’s an author, artist and poet whose world travels have sparked a passion for the arts and diversity of other countries. Frapiere attended Illinois State University earning a bachelor’s degree in mass communication/media studies. However, it was during graduate school that she honed her writing skills, writing non-stop and loving every minute. Frapiere uses her God-given gifts of writing and spoken word poetry to inspire others to aim for the stars and embrace Jesus. This is her first book. More information can be found at:




Too excited for words...

I'm very thrilled that Barbara's Bookstore---located at Northwestern Hospital (Chicago)  has decided to 'window display' my book "Through My Mother's Voice, I Found My Own." 

**Many thanks to Julie @ Barbara's Bookstore (Northwestern Hospital) for giving a "new author" a chance! More important, (MANY THANKS TO ALL MY FANS, FRIENDS, AND FAITHFUL COHORTS) for the wonderful encouragement!!!

Thanks, guys..."I'm having so much fun marketing this little book of truth!!!" -:)







Downton Abbey: Episode 1 "Review"

In the words of the Dowager Countess, "Wisdom is an adversary that seldom graces the virtues of hypocrisy." Okay, yes, I made up that quote, but I can only blame it on my adoration for the Dowager Countess and the entire cast of Downton Abbey.

That said, the matriarch of the aristocratic family and the entire cast of Downton Abbey--did not disappoint in its first (season 6) episode! Both upstairs and downstairs, I'm ecstatic to see how Mr. Fellowes unveils the complicated lives of the characters that we have come to adore over past seasons. In fact, I'm sure as the storylines progress--in true 'Lady Mary' fashion, things are sure to get "Yummy!"

Stayed tuned... -:)

xoxo, EVF



Why I am a HUGE "Downton Abbey" Fan...

Tonight begins the end of a 6 year run for PBS's popular TV drama, "Downton Abbey." I, like others, am a HUGE Downton Abbey 'FAN'---and I am saddened to see the 'Aristocratic drama' come to an end. That said, I will particularly miss the wit, wisdom, and charm of the "Dowager Countess" portrayed by the incomparable "Dame Maggie Smith;" my favorite character on the show. However, the entire cast is to be commended for allowing the "FANS" a sneak peak into greatness!

Thank you, Mr. Julian Fellowes (creator and writer) of Downton Abbey--- and PBS (WTTW-channel 11) for 6 glorious seasons! The writing was superb; the acting top-notch; and the historically themed costumes were gorgeous in every episode---to which the designer is to be commended for the achievement of painstaking detail to the Victorian era. The end result--- the world is beneficiaries of "Smart" "Sophisticated" "Quality" TV programming!!!

T H A N K  Y O U!!...

xoxo, EVF



Happy New Year's...

I am extremely thankful for yet another blessed year in 2015! I started the year with a positive and upbeat spirit and I will end the year the same way---as I graciously look forward to 2016. Notwithstanding, I am especially blessed that my soon-to-be 86-year-old father is healthy, in sound mind, and is full of life! Father and I often joke about how mommy is probably running things in heaven because her personality on earth was so large (LOL).  So, I am beyond thankful that we can share this precious time together to reflect upon all our great family memories! Oh yeah, keep em' hopping-Fatty! -:)

That said, 2016 will be another year driven by God and I anxiously will follow. I have learned during my "soul-fulfilled" journey that as long as I put God first, all things are possible ("it's really that easy")! So, as I prepare to have lots of fun marketing my newly published book "Through My Mother's Voice, I Found My Own," one thing that I know for sure: "All things really are possible through God our Father" and therefore, I humbly pray for his many, many blessings for my family, friends, colleagues, and Achilles and I.


Happy New Year's everyone and have a safe, peaceful, and prosperous 2016. 


xoxo, EVF




Author's Note...

This is yet another TRUE STORY. Two years ago today, I wrote the attached poem with a heavy heart. In fact, as I recall, I was in a rather daunting space---having just buried my mom two weeks prior.  Isn't life funny---just when you think you are at your weakest point in life you learn that it's your strongest point---when you learn to lean on the Lord!