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Downton Abbey Review


Downton Abbey: Episode 1 "Review"

In the words of the Dowager Countess, "Wisdom is an adversary that seldom graces the virtues of hypocrisy." Okay, yes, I made up that quote, but I can only blame it on my adoration for the Dowager Countess and the entire cast of Downton Abbey.

That said, the matriarch of the aristocratic family and the entire cast of Downton Abbey--did not disappoint in its first (season 6) episode! Both upstairs and downstairs, I'm ecstatic to see how Mr. Fellowes unveils the complicated lives of the characters that we have come to adore over past seasons. In fact, I'm sure as the storylines progress--in true 'Lady Mary' fashion, things are sure to get "Yummy!"

Stayed tuned... -:)

xoxo, EVF