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Why I am a HUGE "Downton Abbey" Fan...

Tonight begins the end of a 6 year run for PBS's popular TV drama, "Downton Abbey." I, like others, am a HUGE Downton Abbey 'FAN'---and I am saddened to see the 'Aristocratic drama' come to an end. That said, I will particularly miss the wit, wisdom, and charm of the "Dowager Countess" portrayed by the incomparable "Dame Maggie Smith;" my favorite character on the show. However, the entire cast is to be commended for allowing the "FANS" a sneak peak into greatness!

Thank you, Mr. Julian Fellowes (creator and writer) of Downton Abbey--- and PBS (WTTW-channel 11) for 6 glorious seasons! The writing was superb; the acting top-notch; and the historically themed costumes were gorgeous in every episode---to which the designer is to be commended for the achievement of painstaking detail to the Victorian era. The end result--- the world is beneficiaries of "Smart" "Sophisticated" "Quality" TV programming!!!

T H A N K  Y O U!!...

xoxo, EVF