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Too excited for words...

I'm very thrilled that Barbara's Bookstore---located at Northwestern Hospital (Chicago)  has decided to 'window display' my book "Through My Mother's Voice, I Found My Own." 

**Many thanks to Julie @ Barbara's Bookstore (Northwestern Hospital) for giving a "new author" a chance! More important, (MANY THANKS TO ALL MY FANS, FRIENDS, AND FAITHFUL COHORTS) for the wonderful encouragement!!!

Thanks, guys..."I'm having so much fun marketing this little book of truth!!!" -:)







Happy New Year's...

I am extremely thankful for yet another blessed year in 2015! I started the year with a positive and upbeat spirit and I will end the year the same way---as I graciously look forward to 2016. Notwithstanding, I am especially blessed that my soon-to-be 86-year-old father is healthy, in sound mind, and is full of life! Father and I often joke about how mommy is probably running things in heaven because her personality on earth was so large (LOL).  So, I am beyond thankful that we can share this precious time together to reflect upon all our great family memories! Oh yeah, keep em' hopping-Fatty! -:)

That said, 2016 will be another year driven by God and I anxiously will follow. I have learned during my "soul-fulfilled" journey that as long as I put God first, all things are possible ("it's really that easy")! So, as I prepare to have lots of fun marketing my newly published book "Through My Mother's Voice, I Found My Own," one thing that I know for sure: "All things really are possible through God our Father" and therefore, I humbly pray for his many, many blessings for my family, friends, colleagues, and Achilles and I.


Happy New Year's everyone and have a safe, peaceful, and prosperous 2016. 


xoxo, EVF