To everyone that supported my passion for writing my first published book---many, many, thanks! I am eternally grateful for all the kind words, family love, and the camaraderie of my friends and co-workers. In fact, as I reflect back on my publishing journey, I remember the day I received my "Author" copy of the book, and I was ecstatic to say the least. I thanked God, smiled, and then yelled loudly..."Hallelujah!!!" After all, I had spent two years writing my debut collection of poems and this was during a very sad and grieving time in my life. Nevertheless, I felf a sense of pride, joy, and sorrow. Pride and joy because many can say they are authors---but only a few can say they are "Published Authors;" the sorrow was natural because of the loss of my mother. Notwithstanding, I wished she were alive to share in the celebration of seeing her middle daughter accomplish a feat that many can only imagine, but I now know that she is with me eternally.

To that end, fast forward a year later and I'm in the midst of writing my sophomore collection of poemoirs entitled "HAVOC." I anticipate the release of HAVOC to be sometime in the summer of 2017. In fact, respectfully, as in my first collection, this collection will be part poetry, part essay, and part memoir. I think you'll find the memoir portion quite fascinating because I'll delve into the education of my childhood, in which I was an active participant during tumultuous times in the country when the government embarked upon a known experiment called "desegregation."  Stay tuned! -:)

Last, I am not dismissive of the fact that only by the grace of God have I been able to accomplish writing, publishing, and marketing my passion. Thanks be to God for providing me the daily devotion and courage to never give up on my dream. Moreover, I thank The Lord for blessing me with the ability to express (pen to paper) the spoken word. And last, but never least, I thank both my parents for teaching me in my formative years that all things are possible through faith!


xoxo, E. V. Frapiere