In her second collection of poems,' author, E. V. Frapiere, shares her "Truth-to-power..."


Author, Artist, Poet, E.V. Frapiere aims to take the reader on an emotive journey through society’s past, and present trials in her new book Havoc: From the Ashes of Chaos and Turmoil is Hope. Part memoir, part poetry, the author extends a first-person historical narrative account of one of our great nation’s most insidious ideology – segregation. Ms. Frapiere offers profound insights into the plight of those who fought for educational equality and human dignity, and her testament is a timely and compelling narrative that shines a spotlight on the lasting implications for students, their families, and the nation as a whole. The author pays homage to her parents, siblings, and those who paved the path for her to continue to fight discrimination and advocate for school choice.

In stark detail, Havoc aims to do more than provide a litany of historical facts. It instead focuses on the stories behind the egregious unconstitutional doctrine and speaks to the long-lasting implications of segregation. Frapiere continues to fight for school choice---decades after the initial Supreme Court ruling for Brown V. Board of Education. More importantly, she hopes to highlight how the landmark case has come full-circle in modern day society.

Follow the eminent Ms. Frapiere on her journey during her formative years in her quest to make sure that "ALL" children today are primed for success.